Is This the Most Beautiful?

Well, we are winding down now here in Rome, but I am having my son post some pictures of the Amalfi Coast area so some of you can see for yourself how beautiful that area is.

Don't get me wrong, Rome is cool, full of history, architectural monuments, and incredible ruins, but the sheer beauty of the coast line south of Rome is incomparable. Cinque Terre was pretty amazing, but I think this coastline even beats that.

We went to sleep each night with our terrace doors open wide with the sea air, and probably geckos, sweeping in. The moon shimmered on the water...ah, so romantic. Though the roads getting us there could have killed us all. The wind around sheer cliffs, with barely enough room for a car, much less two! On top of all that, big tour buses make the trek as well. We saw so many near misses; enough to last me a while.

Take a peek at the pictures he loads up and let me know what you think.


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