My Favorite Conspiracy Theories

Jet Trails - The theory is that the white lines of condensed water vapor that jets leave in the sky, officially called contrails or chemtrails, are actually a toxic substance the government actually has scientific experimentation underway and uses those trails to dissipate chemicals on us, the clueless masses. Even the renowned publication, USA TODAY, wrote about it in 2001. Check it out here.

Mel's Hole - Mel swears he's found a bottomless pit and has gone on national late-night radio to talk about it. He tried to find the bottom by stringing about 15 miles of fishing line and weights, and says he couldn't find the bottom. His latest interview was in 2002. Mel says the hole is in Ellensburg, Washington, but has never divulged the exact location. Many have tried to find this mysterious hole (Mel says it can even resurrect dead animals) to no avail. Unless Mel steps forward and give the exact coordinates, this hole is quite possibly another in Mel's head!

The Amero - some people believe that the government is actually already printing new currency for the North America Union which consists of Canada, the US, and Mexico. Pictures and videos of the new currency have popped up on websites and even YouTube, but have proven to be de-bunked. The currency is actually the work of an artisan, Daniel Carr, who created several of the new state quarters. Apparently he made them to raise awareness and are part of a "fantasy" series he issues along with parody coins and more. You can view more on his website here.

The Illuminati - a secret society, or shadow government, sometimes referred to as the Bilderburg Group, that rules the world and is bent on one world government or new world order.

and my latest favorite turns out to be true:

Start a fire with a potato - I've seen it!

I am in no way saying I believe any of these. I'm simply writing about them because I find them interesting and in some cases, silly.

December News

Life is good. We're settling into our new home in Sumner (see photo), only two houses from my sister Linda and family. My dad moved in with us too, which is working out great. We all have our own offices and a huge beautiful kitchen to cook in. The main downfall of the house is there is not a 3rd stall in the garage and the yard is awfully small, though that means there is less yard work. We are desperately trying to figure out how to merge two households into one house and have lots of extra furnishings, books, kitchen stuff, and the like. We still have a lot of organizing to do.

I'm looking forward to the Boeing Christmas break as I'm hoping to do some faux paint treatments on some of my walls. It is imperative that I do something in the way of color on the walls as the entire house is beige. It is driving me nuts. I spent years in off-white rooms in many of the homes we've lived in; however, in the last decade or so, have gotten enamored of striking colors and paint techniques that liven up a place. I'm not afraid of color anymore.

Shhh, don't tell my sister Linda, but she actually started my decorating bent back about 6 or 7 years ago when she painted one wall of her dining room burgundy. It looked so good I decided to give it a try. It didn't work out so well though; the living room ended up being a pinkish-maroon, but I kept at it and am now pretty good at color selection and decorating in general.

We have heard there is a family very interested in purchasing our house in Kent. Everyone who reads this: PRAY! We really need our home to sell. We moved to our new Sumner home one month ago and really can't do two house payments for long. We've lowered the price so that it is the lowest in the area for the price, quality, size, etc., so we've been getting showings, even in December which is notorious for being the worst month of the year for house sales.

We also have a great house for sale in Centralia. It is on Diamond Street. James bought it when it was truly a "diamond in the rough." It was probably the worst house we've purchased and renovated to date. He got it for under 60K range, and had to put over 60K into it. It pretty much is a brand new house, but with about 1900 sq ft, it is a lot of house for under 200K. It looks great now. We had hoped to rent it out, but getting financing for investments is tight right now and we are going to sell it instead. So pray that one sells too.


Rear View Mirror

Hindsight is really something. We've all had the the old "woulda, coulda, shoulda" mantra that parades through our heads after significant life events hit us. A dear friend of mine passed away last week. I am so very glad to have formed a stronger bond of friendship with her in the last four years, starting with a trip to Italy in 2004. The following years included numerous dinners and evenings out talking of travels, kids, God, and just continuing to get to know each other better still. They were precious times getting to know her and love her dearly. Then BAM! Life cuts those times short. I wish I could've spent more time getting to know her even better. I could have made the time to try to get together with her more often, in fact, I should have; "woulda, coulda, shoulda" at its finest.


She has now been birthed into new life, the real life. Her life on this earth was just a pre-cursor to a life with the Lord and away from the corrupt world here below. She is certainly not troubled by her body, or anything else for that matter, any longer.

So, I'm thinking the "woulda, shoulda, coulda" is really all about us who remain. Is it guilt? She certainly isn't feeling it, only we are. Hmmm....

Have fun Tina. I know I'll see you later and we can continue on where we left off!