Lost in Translation

I've recently been in the planning stages of a trip James and I plan to take in late spring. Planning for a trip means lots of internet research for lodging, places to visit, transportation methods, and more. I always love this part. Not only does planning get me excited for the actual trip itself, I get educated on the local customs and history. I also find myself highly entertained reading the websites that have been translated into English. I have to share a few of my favorites I've collected over the last few years.

At a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) website in Italy:

"...perfectly furnished with a big care in each particular, from the comfortable beds to the pictures on the walls and TV."

Another B&B: "The services offered will help you in any way."

A Greek website says:

"...while in the garden, which is on the sea, the visitor can enjoy the beautiful view and relaxing moments."

A Paris Hotel: "It is our goal to make you feel good when arriving in the rooms by an especially chosen furniture and decoration."

Czech Pension:

"Some of the rooms have private bathrooms, while others not, but there are many toilets and showers in the corridors of all floors of the Pension.

Same site: "...a beautiful terrace where you could have a gorgeous panoramic of Prague, and also relax or have some tan during summer or spring."

I think I found the longest sentence in the world on a Greek Tourism site describing thes restaurant offerings in and around Athens. Try to say this all in one breath!:

"Athens and Piraeus offers a variety of different restaurants ,that gives the visitor to choose among the typical souvlaki shops, the fish taverns of Piraiki and Mikrolimano in Piraeus sea front, the grill restaurants (psistaries) offering all the kinds of meat grilled on charcoal, the Mezedopolia specializing in various traditional mezes specialities,the Ouzeries specializing in small delicatessen (mezedes)and grilled octopus accompanying the national greek aperitif, Ouzo, numerous Pizzerias most of them offering home delivery ,many taverns and restaurants with live music and finaly all kinds of fast food and international restaurants."

I love finding these gems!