About Me

Who am I?  I have no singularly outstanding credentials like a Masters or PhD.  I am currently an IT Project Manager at a large aerospace manufacturing company in Washington State.  I spent over 10 years in Human Resources and several years as an IT analyst.  I've started my own business from the ground up, managed people, and have managed multi-million dollar projects at work. 

But those were just things that were a job that put food on the table.  My most important role is that of wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.  I'm a recent cancer survivor that really helped me put my life into perspective.  God first, family second, and everything else falls into place behind that.  My love for my family and those close to me has prompted me to communicate using my blog.  It has been a travel blog, a story telling and humor article writing vehicle, a cancer survivor journal, and now is my preparedness blog.  I love writing.

I hope you get something out of it.

Love Kat