Just Checking In

I have a day off!! Normally every-other-Fridays I watch my two nieces (almost 4 and 6 months); but today they are enjoying the thrills of Sea World and all things cool in San Diego with their parents and Grandma. So I am footloose and fancy free.

So, what to do? James and I have tickets for Celtic Woman tonight in Portland, so we'll leave sometime here to head down that way. But before we go I still have time for....? Hard to choose because I have so many things begging for my attention. Things like:

- Painting my toenails
- Updating my blog (hah!)
- Send email out to family about Alison's upcoming birthday
- Prepare a sympathy card for my mom - her sister died and the service is Saturday
- Write another Mother's Day card for my mom (even though I already gave her one with her present last week; the family is seeing her on Sunday at Amber's Dance and I'd like to hand her something).
- Find out if the property we like in Federal Way is sub-dividable.
- Stop at Walmart for more puppy pads and quick dry red nail polish for my toes

Then there's what to do about a package that is due to come to me today. Do we stick around until UPS gets it to us, thus probably impinging on our joyful outing to Portland? Or do I let it sit and see if I can get someone to come get it and put it in the house so it won't get stolen?

Ah the choices...I think I'll try to do them all!

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