Anyone Want a Million Dollars?

OK, so I can't guarantee anyone a million dollars, but I figured I'd get your attention. Did it work? Good! Now down to business.

As most of you may know from previous posts, we're moving from our house here in Kent. Well, in addition to the Wally mystery, we have another: an old locked safe embedded in the floor of the house.

What is in this safe? How long has it been there? Should we spend the money to get a locksmith to crack it open? The odds are there is probably nothing in the safe. But, what if there were? The curiosity is burning bright and I think we'll have to cave and find out.

James suggested we put a proposition out there for anyone who wants some of whatever is in the safe. Anyone who contributes to the cost of cracking the safe can have a percentage of the findings; kinda like a salvage operation, an investment if you will.

So, for example if the cost is $300 and one donates $30 to the cause, they would get 10% of the contents, or the value of the contents.

Any takers?

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Ricky said...

intriguing.... hmm...