How Messy are You?

I'm a moderately clean person. I am not overboard with the organizaton and neatness, but I do find myself bugged when the house hasn't been vacuumed for a while, or dust is piling up in drifts. But when I read the following story, I began to feel pretty good about myself. There's always someone worse, right?

I found the article first on and then followed it further in the originating publication in Britain
Foxnews says that a guy in Britain hoarded so much trash he had made tunnels throughout the junk just to navigate his home. Apparently he got lost in the network of tunnels and died of thirst.

The article states: "The compulsive hoarder is believed to have become disorientated inside the walls of rotting trash and unable to find a way out — then collapsed with dehydration.

Neighbors raised the alarm after failing to see him leave his house in Broughton, Bucks, for several days.

When cops arrived, the stench from the garbage was so foul they brought in a police diving team equipped with breathing apparatus."

Breathing apparatus? My goodness. I guess my house isn't so bad after all.

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