Everything Hurts

In my inpatient quest to be fit, I've taken up running.  I hurt.  Every muscle, ligament, and bone from my waist down is in some kind of trauma.  My feet hurt (no surprise there).  The small of my back hurts - what's with that?  My left knee twinges every time I put weight on it; and my legs are sore and feel like they weight 100 lbs each (maybe they do?).

Running so far, feels like a love/hate kind of exercise.  Exercise in general is love/hate, but this seems more than normal.  I keep dreaming about the day, months out, when I am trim and vigorous and can run several miles without a second thought.  This is what keeps me going.

I also found a group on Facebook, called Couch-to-5K or C25K that has links to a site: where there is loads of info for runners; new runners in particular.  The Facebook site has been great with people starting out just like me that can offer support and agonize with me.  Pretty cool.

Today during my run, I was listening to my iTouch and a song "I am free to Run" popped on.  In a word: perfect.

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Rosemary Ochs said...

Maybe you could take up swimming? That's what I'm going to do after things are settled down. Lap swimming holds a bit more interest for me than jogging/running, and it saves your joints and feet.