Deposits on Luxury Bomb Shelter Soars


The Japan earthquake has rattled enough people that deposits on a Nebraska luxury bomb shelter has skyrocketed.  A reporter wrote an article about these high-end shelters Going underground? Sales of spaces in U.S. doomsday bunker soar 1000% after Japan quake reawakens nuclear fallout fears. The article has an April 1 date, so I felt I had to do a little bit more checking to make sure this wasn’t some elaborate joke which I was anticipating.  Much to my surprise, these bunkers do exist – in Nebraska.  What a fun bunch of reading I’ve had this morning!  Here’s what I found out.

Robert Vicino heads a company which is selling space in these bunkers to provide safety for the end of the world 2012 scenario.  Vivos’s website “The Underground Shelter Network for Long-Term Survival of Future Catastrophes” allows interested parties to sign up to be a member (free).  Only co-owners can use the shelters when the pending catastrophe arrives.  They even have a countdown clock on one of their pages that shows, as of my writing this on April 1, only 629 Days, 15 Hours, 38 Minutes left for civilization as we know it. They have several videos and eerie music that starts up on several of their pages.

How do you get to be a co-owner?  Their website states, “Vivos then selects the best candidates for co-ownership of each shelter from the current pool of active members.  We first look for those individuals who may best contribute to each Vivos shelter community, providing the greatest chance of long-term survival of the entire group.  Each co-ownership candidate is reviewed based on a number of criteria.

As final candidates are selected, they are extended an invitation to purchase an interest in a specific Vivos shelter closest to their home area.  Those selected candidates are then provided a reservation agreement to reserve their space in a specific Vivos shelter.” 

Photos of the shelter show a very modern-looking facility, complete with medical facilities, common rooms and even a jail.  The shelter is designed to withstand a 50 megaton blast and hold enough provisions to last 950 people for 1 year.  The layout allows for approximately 100 square feet per person. Let’s hope you like the other 949 people you are holed up with!  It is unclear to me if these shelters are actually completed or if they’re still selling space to raise the money to build these.  By their own countdown clock, if they’re not done, they are clearly running out of time.

Take a peek at some of the pictures from the article here.  Enjoy Smile(I’d put them on the blog but then I’d be violating copyright laws.)

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Shades of the cold war 1960's and 70's. Back to the future, only with higher prices. YLD