I'm Done!

A bunch of us went down to Florida for Mandy and Daniel's wedding on March 26Th. I had the added benefit of having to be down there for a portal conference so I ended up with 10 days in the Orlando area. I love the 80 degree weather. Even the day or two it was cloudy and rained, it was still pretty nice to have that warmth hitting the old bones. It felt good.

Mandy and Daniel's initial flights were delayed so they missed their connecting flight in Chicago. Due to it being Spring Break for the colleges, the flight alternatives for them were extremely limited. They nearly didn't get to Florida in time for their own wedding! Thankfully it all worked out in the end. The weather was warm with a slight breeze that made it very comfortable.

Sunday evening the Hunt family hosted a dinner for us all to meet and get acquainted. The group was big and boisterous, just what I like in a big family. That night the Hunt girls took Mandy out for her bachelorette party. They made her wear a goofy yellow net veil with a plastic tiara and plastic kid earrings. It was fun. We didn't get back to our house that we had rented until about 1:30 a.m! It was a great night.

Wedding day went well with the exception of the hairdresser who was an hour late. She did Mandy's hair in 45 minutes; a great job, I might add. Then off we went to the Cypress Grove Estate for the ceremony. It was a beautiful setting. It was a sweet ceremony. You can see photos from

Turns out Mandy got sick starting that very night! Daniel also picked it up a few days later. Speaking of which, James had gotten the flu and was sick nearly the entire time in Florida, Rosie was sick and Ricky was horribly sick before even coming down to Florida. When Rod and Linda joined us, Rod sounded awful too. I believe I'm the only one that wasn't sick at all, not even a sniffle. I guess the flu shot paid off this year.

So now both my offspring have found the love of their lives and are settling down to a rich and fulfilling life.

I'm Done; or am I...?

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Ricky said...

you're never done, silly.