Fitness Camp - Day 2

I woke up raring to go. We had fruit and high fiber blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then headed immediately out for our daily 2+ hour hike. On Monday's the whole group does the same hike, they call it the "Stop Sign" hike because the goal is to make it to the road at the end of the canyon that has a stop sign. The rest of the week there will be 3 choices depending on your hiking ability.

We hiked in Snow Canyon and it was spectacular scenery. I quickly ended up lagging towards the back of the pack due to repeated stops to take pictures. The rocks are ruddy red and in stately formations throughout the canyon; many rising hundreds, if not a thousand feet high. There were towers and petrified dunes that were windswept; carved into beautiful curves and lines. It was truly breathtaking.

The whole day was filled with back-to-back exercise regimes. What a day. I'm beyond exhausted. I also have a growing headache which is most likely due to caffeine withdrawals.

I had a massage at 7:00 and I hoped it would help. Unfortunately, it didn't. If this headache doesn't get better, I don't now how I can repeat this process tomorrow.

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