She's So Vain

I admit it, I have a vain streak. I like to look good. I dye my hair, constantly diet, have facials regularly, buy expensive facial products, and also have had "permanent make-up" applied. About 8 years ago I had my first procedure: eyeliner. While very painful, I've loved it. I never have to worry about my eyeliner. Then about two years after that I had my eyebrows done. I also loved that. It re-shaped my face and now I don't have to draw in eyebrows that were so light they appeared non-existent.

Well Saturday I took the plunge and had my eyeliner darkened up and then my lips done. OWWWW!!! I thought eyeliner was bad, this felt like someone was slowly slicing my lips off my face; and that was with a topical anesthetic (and a little prescription painkiller I took before the procedure).

My sister Linda (who had her eyes done the day before) drove me home upon which James began laughing the minute he saw my lips come in the front door. That's about all one can see when you look at my face: bright red, puffy lips. My eyes are puffy too, but the lips win the prize.

So the swelling will go down within a couple of days, the color will mute itself as the layers of skin slough off, but I'm not so sure it was worth the agony. We'll see.

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