I am Feeling So Proud Of Myself

I am so proud of myself! I actually remembered to use my eco-friendly grocery bags yesterday!

[Insert dream-like music and fuzzy fade-out to six months ago]

I did the honorable thing and purchased half a dozen "eco friendly" shopping bags at my local grocery store. I don't really buy the "Global Warming" effect seeing as there are an awful lot of controversial things that have me doubting it; like the fact that in the 70's there was the big global cooling "we're going to have an ice age!" panic, along with countless articles from scientists who spout anti-global warming criticisms. However, I do think it is important to take care of the environment that we live in; hence the bag purchase.

Early on in my oh so admirable re-usable bag endeavor, I made it a habit to put them neatly back in my car once I had divested them of my purchases. That rule came about with the first use of my new bags when while unpacking them I had an irritating vision of leaving them behind, stacked somewhere in my kitchen, and thus being party to filling landfills the world over with those nasty, earth-hating plastic grocery sacks. I have since been very proud of myself for this thoughtful routine.

[Insert dreamy music again and fast forward to the present]

I can blame my busier-than-ever job, or the fact that I have traveled for work and pleasure a good bit of 2008 and have lost my shopping rhythm, or maybe just put it down to a bad memory, but every time I've hauled my cart up to the checkout counter in the last two or three months, I've realized I forgot my the car. By then it is too late. What am I going to say while the checker is ringing up my stuff? "Oh, excuse me. Can you wait 10 minutes while I run out to my car in the back 40 and find my eco-friendly bags?" No. That would make me look stupid. Or maybe I should have just asked them to just dump all my stuff in the cart without any bags at all. No. Then people would think I'm stealing if I wheeled the buggy out looking like I had just been on a game show (no bags at all). So the checker dumps everything into those tiny, awful, guilt-laden plastic bags and I kick myself all the way to the car where I see my nice green bags waiting for me the minute I open my trunk. Man I can be stupid sometimes.

Well, yesterday I remembered. I think the key was that I wasn't in a hurry for a change. I meandered to the store. I patiently found a parking spot out in the back 40. I cautiously opened my door, taking care not to bang the car next to me, and then actually remembered to get the bags out! I selected three from my neat stack (I do keep them neat) and nearly burst a button while walking through the parking lot towards the front door. I almost did a "neener, neener!" as I passed the stand offering eco-friendly shopping bags by the bananas.

Maybe I'm not a lost cause yet, but time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

You need to take up dumpster diving, like me, if you want to go eco-smart. You can get all the food you want and everything else, all with recycled bags. Everything in there is recycled once you remove it. How cool is that?

Remember how much gelato James ate in Italy?