My Favorite Conspiracy Theories

Jet Trails - The theory is that the white lines of condensed water vapor that jets leave in the sky, officially called contrails or chemtrails, are actually a toxic substance the government actually has scientific experimentation underway and uses those trails to dissipate chemicals on us, the clueless masses. Even the renowned publication, USA TODAY, wrote about it in 2001. Check it out here.

Mel's Hole - Mel swears he's found a bottomless pit and has gone on national late-night radio to talk about it. He tried to find the bottom by stringing about 15 miles of fishing line and weights, and says he couldn't find the bottom. His latest interview was in 2002. Mel says the hole is in Ellensburg, Washington, but has never divulged the exact location. Many have tried to find this mysterious hole (Mel says it can even resurrect dead animals) to no avail. Unless Mel steps forward and give the exact coordinates, this hole is quite possibly another in Mel's head!

The Amero - some people believe that the government is actually already printing new currency for the North America Union which consists of Canada, the US, and Mexico. Pictures and videos of the new currency have popped up on websites and even YouTube, but have proven to be de-bunked. The currency is actually the work of an artisan, Daniel Carr, who created several of the new state quarters. Apparently he made them to raise awareness and are part of a "fantasy" series he issues along with parody coins and more. You can view more on his website here.

The Illuminati - a secret society, or shadow government, sometimes referred to as the Bilderburg Group, that rules the world and is bent on one world government or new world order.

and my latest favorite turns out to be true:

Start a fire with a potato - I've seen it!

I am in no way saying I believe any of these. I'm simply writing about them because I find them interesting and in some cases, silly.

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Rosemary Ochs said...

I learned about the jet trails conspiracy in college when I ran into someone who truly believed it. I was 16 talking to this 22 year old (or more!) thinking that possibly he may need to lay off the chemicals. I tried not to laugh at him... too hard.