Nothing Pithy Here

I usually love to write something meaningful or humorous on a regular basis. I have struggled lately to find my creative side to draw from and actually write something, anything, worth reading. I think that means I need a vacation.

I can relate to the stories of writers who would consign themselves to some remote cabin or tropical island for weeks or months at a time in order to clear their brain and find their creative muse. While some may argue my creativeness, or even the notion that I possess the mythical muse (or even have the ability to muse) the idea of prolonged peace and tranquility to get the right side of my brain functioning again is appealing. I think that means I need a vacation.

I've plotted and planned my next adventure for a few years nowL: the big 50th birthday trip with a wonderful friend of many years who also turns 50 right along with me. We picked Hawaii because it was close enough to get to and enjoy in a week or less and yet far enough away to feel like a real vacation. Somehow going to Vancouver, B.C. or Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, or even Disneyland wouldn't cut it. But here I am only about 3 days away and I haven't even packed anything yet. Not typical for me, the quintessential planner/analyzer. I have nothing ready save a tan I've been developing thanks to a local tanning salon. My list of things to do before I go keeps growing each day due to the fact I haven't accomplished the list from the day before. I think that means I need a vacation.

My job has gotten more demanding and less rewarding. My house has gotten dustier and more cluttered. I'm behind on watching my favorite shows. My body aches and hurts for no reason at all [INSERT OLDER-THAN-DIRT JOKES HERE]. I haven't gotten through the game Oblivion yet. And, I still have to figure out how to get my costume ready for my 50th birthday party hubby is putting on for me (not to mention a skit to match my selected persona).

I guess that means I need a vacation.

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