Did I Just Do That?

I had a vacation just a few short weeks ago and it feels like it was last year already. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly those wonderful memories sail past and away into the fog. It's like being on a speed boat and watching a piece of seaweed or other floating object fade so quickly from view. Thank goodness we have pictures!

I'm already starting to plan a get-away with James in September. We hope to do a driving vacation down to see the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park. I had the opportunity to visit that general area two years ago and was absolutely fascinated. We hiked every day (in the early morning when it was cooler). The terrain is so very different from Washington, but every bit as breath taking with its vibrant reds and browns and dessert beauty. The fall means we'll be blessed with the fall foliage too. I'm very excited about the photo opportunities this trip should present.

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with the family. There was a birthday party for my niece, Alison, who turned 6. I also went to visit my mother in Chehalis. James and I fixed up the bike tires and headed out down the Interurban Trail towards Emerald Downs. We were probably less than a mile away when we decided to switch bikes (mine has a gel seat) and within minutes of James taking over, the tire blew with a huge explosion! We walked the bikes back to the nearest road intersection; probably about 1/2 a mile, and then I waited while James rode all the way back and got the van. We then drove to Emerald Downs and watched several horse races. What a wonderful day in the sunshine.

Ah, but work beckons. Thankfully I have a really short week as Friday is my scheduled day off. I am hopeful for another sunny weekend.

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