What Did I Do?!

Those of you that have been following me the last few months through cancer and subsequent foot surgery to fix some issues, you know that I've been trying hard to overcome those events with a different mind-set.  I am proud of myself these last few weeks.

My change of heart has been through a test the last 3 weeks.  My foot, while it would ache and swell marginally after a long walk, or when I tried to step it up to run, I would press on.  My stamina has increased as well as my daily desire to actually fit in some kind of workout.  I can't call it guilt, but rather a knowledge that I would feel better, mentally and physically, once I did.  It really works!!  I highly recommend it.

Every workout, whether indoors or outside, includes my iTouch, full of music that moves me:  great beats, inspirational, motivational, and fast paced.  I talk to God during my workouts.  I pray for "my babies" (children and grandchildren), my husband, and thoroughly enjoy simply being thankful to God for my health and ability to even do a workout.  He is so very faithful.  Gone are the days of my lazy workouts where I barely break a sweat, lifting a few 5 or 10 lb weights.  I work hard - really hard.  It feels really good too.

My foot, though tender, was cooperating in general until about 2 weeks ago.  I don't know what happened, but each workout ended with the foot being more sore than usual.  It would start to hurt at night when I slept - actually waking me up.  Then I tweaked it on Wednesday and felt it give.  Now it hurts almost every step of every day.  I have rounded up some old pain pills from the surgery and have had to take those to get it quieted down to even sleep.  Clearly workouts on the elliptical or treadmill are out of the question.  I'm back to only 3 pairs of shoes even fitting.  I called and setup an appointment with my foot doctor for Wednesday.  I also didn't workout Thursday thru Saturday.  It really bothered me to not fit one in. I was very active given some activities planned, but no workout at all had me bummed.

Sunday, I woke up early and decided to try a short .20 mile walk around the neighborhood to see how it would pan out.  It didn't.  I could barely make it all the way around.  Determined, I went into my workout space and decided to craft a workout that would work with my bad foot.  I did it!  I worked out about 45 minutes using weights, and got creative with my workout ball.  Yippee!

I love it that I beat down a very good excuse to not workout and found a way!  I feel like I've turned a critical corner in my journey to healthy living.

So, I don't know what I did to my foot.  I'm concerned given I need it for a variety of reasons.  I'm somewhat worried about the outcome given I have a heavy walking vacation planned for the end of summer.  This same thing happened last time I had foot surgery 10 years ago.  I ended up needing full reconstructive surgery and bone grafts and 8 months on crutches.  I'm praying hard that is not the case again here.

Pray with me.


Rosemary Ochs said...

I'll also pray that you don't have to have another surgery. You deserve that vacation coming up.

Loren said...

I love that we serve a God who is the ultimate doctor. He rocks and I pray in faith that you will be healed in the name of Jesus!