Loose Screw

What was thought to be a loose screw - is not.  My podiatrist decided to take the screw out of my foot thinking it may be loose or catching on ligaments thus causing the inflammation and pain.  Well, I went in on Thursday and he took the screw out.  I asked him to do it in his office because I had a problem with the idea of  paying 10K to go into a hospital for a 45 minute procedure.  He numbed me up and the proceeded to remove the screw.  It turned out it was not loose, rather very much embedded into the bone.  It looks like the screw may have even punched through the bottom of the bone and been causing problems that way.  No wonder the bottom of my foot was sore and swollen each time I ran!

So the screw is out and again I am bandaged up and healing.  My 5K Susan G. Kogem walk is 3 weeks away.  Clearly I won't be running.  I'll be lucky to walk the entire way. But  I am going to do it!

So, no loose screws here, and I hope to be running again soon.

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