Bridal Gown Dilema


We got Stoph's dress today and It was in a huge box, which we knew that we could not carry around. We went into Nice to look for a bag to carry it in, however there are not many bag stores in Nice! We finally found something that will work and went back to Villafranche. The rest of the day we laid on the beach and rejuvinated out tans. Then we caught a sleeper train to Venice!

The train was an interesting expierance. It was swaying - we swayed for days afterwards and in fact we are still swaying. The old lady that shared our couchette snorred and the train had all kinds of racket. The train was also quite hot on the top bunk and cold on the bottom, so none of us were very comfortable. But we made it with a little sleep and overall it was an experiance.


Ricky said...

Did mandy make this post? :)

Theres only one person I know that spells experience with an A!!!

:) Love you guys. miss you terribly.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Glad you found something to work. Hope they let you carry it onto the plane instead of having to check it.

Kat said...

Yes, Mandy has posted several while I try to tell her what to write :)