Warm Rain! Because of the rain and lightning we are doing laundry, got manicruès, and took some time for Kat to take her nap and get well (she has been struggling with a cough and a sore throat). We thing that tomorrow we will visit Cannes where they have the celebrities from last weeks Film Festival.

Words: ForChette = fork, lardons = sliced ham, pain = bread.

P.S. Be sure to click the titles for a link to a photos. This one is A photo from our terrace in Cassis.


Rosemary said...

I am soooo jealous because of this picture... It's just not fair that you get to be waaay over on the other side of the world, while I'm sitting here, waiting for Ricky to get home from work. GOSH!! Love you anyways.

Kat said...

You could come here and see things like this (honeymoon, vacations, etc) It really is not a whole lot of difference in cost.