Its a Dirty Trick

We saw a comical sight: a pigeon was walking around the Nice train station with a string tangled around his feet. We figured that his so-called Pigeon "friends" played a trick on him. I can hear it now, "Hey Sam, lets tie Carl's feet together while he is napping!" Thankfully Carl could walk okay and could fly even with his shoe laces tied together. All is well in the world of Carl.


Ricky said...

Post More Pictures.


Rosemary said...

That's hilarious... I know that I would have been laughing soooo hard at something like that. I do have a question though. How did you come up with the name Karl??

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your sense of humor! Thank you for the stories.

Kat said...

cannot post more at this time. Not all internet cafe's have a way, and we do not always carry the adapter when we find one. So you will see more when we get home.

I will be cleaning the whole blog up as well.

(weird keyboard config here in Italy, but not as bad as France)