Weird News

I love to hear weird stories and I thought you might also like to see a few that have caught my eye recently.

Man Shoots Lawnmower - A man gets riled when his lawnmower won't start. They think alcohol may have been a contributing factor. Duh, you think???

Peacock Hitchhiker - So I wonder if the bird got where he wanted to go?

Lawn Chair Larry - An oldie but goodie. Larry Walters is known world-over for attempting to fly over Long Beach California, in the early 80's, using weather balloons attached to his lawn chair. When asked why he had done it, Walters replied, "A man can't just sit around." This outstanding stunt only made it to the Darwin Awards as an "Honorable Mention." Can you believe it? But Larry had his fans; which leads us to...

Adelir Antonio de Carli of Brazil - attempted to raise funds for his cause to build spiritual rest stops for truckers by soaring over the mountainous area of South America with 1000 balloons attached to a chair. Even with survival suits, cell phone, food for 5 days, GPS, and other precautionary plans, he still managed to find trouble: he neglected to learn how to use his GPS! Needless to say, he got lost, couldn't help anyone pinpoint his location, and eventually bits of his balloon mass were found out in the ocean.

Jesus is in Florida - A man threatens his family saying he is Jesus and wants the world turned over to him. This is not the same Jesus I'm looking for!

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