New and Improved!

A few months ago I vented in my "Things That Bug Me" post about knee high nylons, 18 hour bras, and assorted other buggers. Well I've come up with a few more that may strike a chord with some of you.

New and Improved!!! - Ok, so how many ways can we reinvent toilet paper, toothbrushes, Cheerios, or antiperspirant? It seems like every product always has some new additive, accessory, alteration, gimmick or twist to lure us into the purchase.

Time Warpers - There are several of these in my family; they set clocks forward by 17 minutes or maybe 11 minutes so they won't be late. My husband, in the days when he wasn't self employed, used to set his alarm clock 17 minutes fast, and then he'd set the alarm for 15 minutes before he had to actually get up. What's with that? Bottom line is you still have to get up at the right time! Who are you kidding?

Aisle Hogs - Don't you just hate it when you're bombing through a store, maybe even with a grocery cart, and someone in front of you stops dead center? Worse yet, is when they become engrossed in a conversation (cell phones too), or even leave their cart there while they scurry off to another area. then they don't even notice you coming up and needing to get by. I've tried several tactics. My first attempt is usually to get close and see if they are observant and polite enough to simply move over. The talkers usually don't and you have to actually speak up (horrors). Of course if they left their cart and are farther down the aisle or even a totally different zip code, then you have to move the cart away yourself. I get particularly irked (time to get on my knees) when folks stop and chat right where they're blocking an entrance or exit.

Moles - We hired a company last year to eradicate moles from our yard. They caught two - yipee! Guess what? They're back.

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