Anyone Still Need Convincing?

If anyone out there still isn’t convinced that there is a world-wide currency crisis that will eventually hit us personally in our wallets and possibly move our country towards the solution  of a new world currency, must have their heads in the sand.
Here’s just articles since the first of the year:

  1. Reuters, 1/7 – Euro Crisis
  2. Google News, 1/7 – Portugal’s Debt Worsens
  3. Bloomberg, 1/5 - World Food Prices to Soar
  4. Yahoo Finance, 1/5 – Rising Asset Prices Cannibalize U.S. Growth
  5., 1/3 – Gold and silver crushed paper currency
  6. Los Angeles Times, 1/7 – Rising gas prices, remember 2008?
So what do we do?  Do what your grandparents did years ago.  Start a large food pantry so you can stock up on items at lower prices today.  Buy two tubes of toothpaste instead of 1, buy two bags of sugar instead of just one.  Use coupons and get two of some things in order to stock up.
If gasoline prices surge and the budget becomes tight, it will really help if you’ve stocked up on foods and can keep your food budget in line even with rising prices sure to come this next year.
Stock up!

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