Fun with Food Storage

I’ve written a lot lately about various events that should get us all interested in in preparing for events out of our control.  I personally believe that our economy is likely the biggest critical issue we face that will hit us all in our bank accounts, and soon.

To that end, I believe stocking up our pantries to help us get through a crisis is a good insurance policy to have.  I’ve heard several stories of late how people who had stocked up on foods were so very glad they did when faced with a layoff or pay cuts.  Add in that there could be natural disasters or even high levels of inflation that would make having extra food around helpful.  Now that fuel prices are beginning to rise again, having extra food on hand means it will be easier to shift funds to that expenditure without impacting our budgets too much.

I have been looking into tools, websites, videos, and blogs that deal with the food preparation and found one video from KSL (October 2009) I’d like to share with you to help get us in the mood. 

Whether you choose to stock up several weeks or several months, these ladies have a great system set up.  You can visit their Food Storage Made Easy website and get lots of ideas. I particularly like their 10 baby steps list.

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