Having a Blast!

Well, the kids aren't rich yet (from our life insurance policies); we're still alive here, safe and sound. I am having trouble typing this though cuz the keyboard is not the same as at home. The y is where the z should be, and the @ symbol is hard to find, as is the semi colon, and slash which I still can't find. The return is also several keyz away from where it should be.

Well, we took a couple of funnz pictures of 3 action figures we named Ben, Mandy, and Ricky, and they have been having a blast too. We caught Ricky just in time. He was about to swing like Tarzan from the train luggage rack onto an unsuspecting commuter. Luckily James talked him down. Mandy has turned into a shop-a-holic.
We caught her today in amongst the miniature Christmas items. Right now, Rick and Ben are both trying their hand at German war games here in the internet cafe. I knew I would never hear the end of it if I didn't let them come. We'll post some pictures when we get a chance. I haven't been able to download any yet.

Todaz we walked the wall of Rothenburg. The only walled medieval city left, we hear. It's like stepping back in time. I've already taken almost 150 pictures!!! They're all so good. Everzthing is so beautiful.

It's been about 75 degrees or warmer each day. We love everyone and miss you. One really good thing is that we have averaged over 5 miles of walking each day, according to our pedometer. We're eating lots of really great food too!!! Ice cream, Schneeballers (big dough balls glazed with chocolate and nuts and, well....stuff). I don't think the Atkins diet would do very well here at all. Breakfast consists of bread, cheese, cereal, coffee, tea, and oh yeah, more bread.

Talk to za later (Oh that pesky kezboard!)

Kat and James

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