one of the Cinque Terre villages called Manarola

Le Spezia, a larger town on the coast

a 4th century walled town called Portevenere near the
Cinque Terre towns on the Italian Riviera.


Linda R. said...

When are we going to see pictures with you guys in them? Miss seeing you guys!


Anonymous said...

Kat, i know you're on vacation, but didn't want you to miss opportunity if you are interested. The door is open for anyone and everyone to express interest in another group without having to go through posting process. This may be closed by the time you get back but I could send something to Cindy L if you want me to follow up. You can put in for any area within Linda's org and CAP. I will probably be gone to CAP by the time you return. Thought you might want CAP or the Process organization. I'm sure Cindy L will accept it remotely. Do you want me to contact her for you?