Verona, Italy

I forgot to mention something in my last post - there is no pepper on the tables either; ever.

Tonight is our last of two nights in Verona. Last night in the wee hours, there was the most amazing thunderstorm. The lightning was flashing nearly non-stop and the thunder rolled on incessantly for probably a half hour or more. There is nothing like that in Seattle. The rain was so hard I thought we would float away. By morning it was a light drizzle that didn't even warrant an umbrella. By lunch it was sunny and warm again. I think it might rain again tonight though; the clouds have been gathering through the dinner hour.

Verona has an intact arena that began around 3 to 30 A.D. Operas and concerts are held there now even. I mean, right now there is a concert going on. The people-watching has been a hoot. The people promenade up and down the piazza, and the old gentlemen are wearing their suits and congregate and talk about really important stuff (judging by the hand waving).

Tomorrow we are off to Cinque Terre!


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