Last Day in Romania

We've been to two orphanages and two schools. Yesterday's visits were to two schools that were in better sectors of the city, so they weren't as run down as the two we visited on Tuesday. There were hundreds of children in each. Some of them stay each night during the week and some do not. They are all poor. The children loved the gifts of clothes. James has purchased tons of candy and we gave our suckers and lollipops to them all. Lots of big smiles. The children all tried out their English with big a "thank you" and "my name is ..." it was precious.

Yesterday reached about 100 degrees and then there was a quick thunderstorm and rain which cooled the city down considerably. Whew. It was hot. No air conditioning either. My tolerance of that kind of heat is not good, but God was with me. I was fine. James struggled much more than I did!

Our hostess, Imogene (72 yrs old), took a very hard fall in one of the schools that had just mopped the tile floors. She fell hard on her hip, smacking her head and elbow as well. We were very concerned for her, but she rebounded just fine and within about an hour was back to her spunky self. She absolutely amazes me with her energy, humor, and heart for the children. She clearly loves them all. Her babies.

We work 12+ hours a day getting the packages ready and then delivering them to the children. We could easily work more. There is so much to do to get packages ready for the 2500 children. It is daunting.

One place we visited had some disabled children and they put on a little play for us to say thank you. They wanted so badly to bless us. The children danced like little flowers to music, then mushrooms, then bumble bees. It was adorable. Clearly the school had very little budget. The teachers had all pooled their money to buy some costume materials. The children tried very hard and were very happy to have us there. That day at lunch when we were blessing the food, James was overcome by tears for the plight of the children. Our hearts really go out to them. There are so very many without love and nurturing.

Well, our internet time is up; as they say in Romania: Pah Pah

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Ricky said...

Wow, dad was brought to tears. That just almost brought me to tears in my cubicle here in sammamish. :)

It's so awesome to see how they want to give to you more than they want to receive. It's amazing to see how much heart individuals have, when it's all they have.