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Before I get started on the cool geeky and weird finds, I have to point out the funniest sign I saw the other day. On our way to my Grandma's 100th birthday party, we passed a grocery store that had a huge reader board with the daily/weekly specials. It read "Hot Legs and Thighs" and then a price. Who cares how much it costs?? I almost looked to see if there was a line of men (maybe I should be politically correct and say "people") stringing out the door and around the block. I couldn't resist a giggle and tried to get a snapshot of it with a camera I had with me. Didn't work. Oh well, you'll just have to believe me. James saw it too, so I know it wasn't a figment.

Ok, on to the fun geeky gadgets that have caught my eye this past few weeks.

Cubicaller (see photo above) - require a civil entrance into your cubicle space with this bad boy.

Bad Breath Detector - does this really require an explanation?

Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope - This is like Google Earth only for outer space. Users can pan and zoom across the galaxy in 3D, right from your own computer. This is pretty amazing. Everyone should give this one a try.

Floorplanner - I found this when I was looking for online tools to help plot out possible remodels for a house recently purchased. They have a free version where you can create a couple of different floor plans and save them or share with others. Pretty amazing technology on the web. I love Web 2.0!!!

Talking Lips - This is hands-free taken to a whole 'nother level. Simply synch up your phone to this ridiculous gadget. It's a glorified speaker phone where the lips talk in time with the sounds from your phone!

RSStroom Reader - need that news fast? Anywhere? Now you don't have to take that hours-old newspaper or magazine with you to the John. You can get your RSS feeds directly to an RSS reader right in the bathroom, printing out on your toilet paper no less. If you don't like what you're reading...

Earwax Camera & Cleaner - ever wonder if you're getting all the waxy build up out of your ears. While Momma always said never to put anything smaller than a football in your ear, we repeatedly shove cotton swabs in and swirl regularly in order to divest ourselves of the stuff that God put in there to catch bugs. Well now you can look inside your own ear! I've heard that the Asian culture is fastidious about ear wax removal; I even saw a special (probably Discovery Channel) where there are specialists devoted to the craft. Folks go in for regular ear cleanings. Maybe that's why our kids and spouses don't hear us! Clearly, this is the solution.

Honorable Mention:
Cake PC
Racing Grannies
Fartacus T-Shirt
iPood Baby Romper

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