Name That Prescription!

I would love to be the person that gets to dream up the names of new drugs. I am always seeing ads on TV for drugs and noticed that sometimes they don't even tell you what it is for. Although I now assume if a man is opening a car door for a woman, or having a picnic at a park it is probably for some Viagra-type medication. I've noticed they take care to not have him look too happy; merely content and having a nice time.

I love it that now they spend over half the ad trying to tell viewers of all the possible side effects too. They're not even very clever about it. Doctors are walking the halls with young interns explaining that patients might lose the use of thier arms, throw up, experience death defying diarrhea, or become blind after prolonged usage. It's enough to keep anyone from trying out a new med. That stuff could kill you.

I've been fascinated by this for years. I personally believe that most of these names make for good online gamer names. In fact, about 5 or 6 years ago, I suggested one to my daughter that she still uses today. It had that "Godzilla" kinda ring to it: Nostrilla. Sounds like something you'd want to run from, right? That's what I thought. It is actually a nasal decongestant. I never told her though, and have had a secret laugh about it ever since (shhhh, don't tell). Pretty much any nasal medication make for a great laugh.

Just last night I saw an ad for one that is mystifying: Abilify. I suppose it helps you do things better. Maybe we all need a little of that!

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Michelle M. said...

Soooo true!! I noticed last summer while we were in the US that the ads for meds were scary and abundant!! I mean, after they get done listing the possible side-effects, why would you even think about calling the number or talking to your doctor about it?!

Too funny! Looking forward to meeting you in person!