I just had a birthday. I've noticed that the older I get, I tend to become conflicted about birthdays. If no one celebrated them, I'd be ticked. But if someone mentions how old I am five times during the day, or "hey how's it feel to be getting really old?" I get ticked. Maybe I should realize that I can't have it both ways. But wait, maybe I can!

One helpful event occurred yesterday, I attended my grandmother's 100th birthday party. I now realize that I am positively young and vibrant. I'm full of life, and as my dad likes to say "vim and vigor." (What is vim anyway?) I'm not even half way!

One point of discussion between James and I was what the perfect age to leave this earth is. Do we want to live to 100? How about 90? Is it earlier? It is sobering to think about how one will live, eat, and where we'll be when we reach truly the twilight years. I'm not so sure I like to think about it.

Now on to a less sobering thought - vacation! As many of you know we are leaving for our 3 week trip to Europe here in a couple of weeks (May 22). If we go by James's counting schema, we leave in 9 days. You can't count non-work days, the current day, nor the day you leave; hence 9 days. But those of us who count correctly know that the 22nd is actually 11 days away. Either way, we leave soon and I'm excited.

I will be blogging as I can throughout our trip, so stay tuned to this blog to read all about it.

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