Cool Websites of the Summer

Here's my pick of more obscure websites I've found that are truly keepers. We all know of YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, but check these out!

http://www.passwird.com - daily listings of great deals from DVD's, computers, clothes and more.

www.restaurants.com - I discovered this site from passwird (see above). This is where I got $25 coupons for my local Italian restaurant here for only $2.00! The cost is typically more around $10 for a $25 coupon, but they regularly have sales where they are anywhere from 50% to 80% off. Sign up for updates and don't miss the sales. They have a wide variety of local restaurants; simply input your locale and shop away. You can print the certificates right from your computer.

www.graspr.com - how to videos on a variety of activities: crafts, piano & guitar lessons, cooking, and even workouts.

http://www.metro.co.uk/weird - weird news of the week. There's truly some odd news out there. Get ready to be shocked, awed, and generally end up feeling better about yourself after reading about all the stupid things people do.

http://www.fotopedia.com - a wiki for photos. Check some of them out (particularly the Jelly fish). Stunning. Add your own photos.

http://www.komando.com/coolsites - Kim Komando is nationally known for her computer and electronics advice. Her webiste is full of information that has helped me through the years. I've found just the app to help solve whatever issue I'm facing; usually for free. Get those iTunes converted to MP3! Many places on her site do require a subscription, but I've never paid yet. Take a peek.

www.wikihow.com - another user-based how-to site on a wide spectrum of topics: hair styles, cooking, self-help, sewing, and magic tricks, to name a few.

http://www.makeuseof.com - I've linked you to the Kids/Family section of this site which will give you a directory of family oriented appliations or websites that could help you. The main website will give you the directory of all the categories available. I could spend days going through the list. Totally awesome.

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