What's in a Name?

Many of us play electronic games of some kind or another: game consoles like Xbox, Wii, PlayStations, GameCube, and also computer games. To many of us it is critical that we name our avatars something pithy, meaningful, or maybe just plain silly. So the question is, is the avatar your alter ego? Do you go for meaningful and use the same one over and over for every game? Or, depending on the game, do you go for the absurd hoping to shock or at least render your opponents/cohorts dumbstruck as they pick themselves up off the floor (a.k.a.ROFL) after meeting you online for the first time.

I've always loved coming up with these alter ego names, particularly the kind that results in hilarity. I want my opponents to remember me. So what is the secret? Well there are a couple of methods by which you too can develop your character name with that extra special twist.

1. Combine two words, one serious/normal and the other a rude, gross, or just plain ugly sounding word or partial word or two. You can throw a middle initial in there for laughs too. It's OK to even misspell either or all of the words. For example: Stu Wee, Bunwarmus (one of my personal favorites), Phlempit, Towpuss, FabReek, Grass E. Bottom to name a few.

2. Prescription medications are a good place to start, particularly the nasal congestion type. I created one years ago for my daughter: Nostrilla. Nasalcron would be good to - very strong, a robot-like sounding name sure to strike fear into your opponents, though I'd take license with it and add an H between the c and r. Lyrica actually sounds like a princess or beautiful maiden. I recommend staying away from the following: Viagra, Cialis, Penicillin, and other very well-known medicinals that could have you shunned by the gaming world for fear of contracting something deadly.

3. A play on words: Lew Skroos, Juanita Ham, Abbey Seenia, Hammond Eggs, Bill Bored, Alaida Bug, Elle Emmeno, Al Beback, Cole Kutz, Gerri Attrick, and the list goes on. These are easy to create and/or find on the internet.

4. Name Generators - go to an internet site and search on name generators and see what they come up with. You'll find you'll get names like: Clotface, Fingerdoof, Dumbsnark, Inelor... Some name generators are very specific to hill billy, pirate, mystical/fantasy, robot, rude/crude, gothic, and lovey-dovey names. These can be quite fun to play with. Here's a link to try.

So if you're determined to strike out and move away from the expected play on your own name: Carl_7982, or Suzie1986, you too can have an online name that is inventive. You too can strike your gaming friends as a creative individualist ready to wreak mayhem on your opponents; or at least have them ROFL.

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