What Were They Thinking?

Some would say we live in a "Bedroom Community". I've heard that term a lot and have wondered what that was. Is it all homes, and no businesses? Does it mean there's no living rooms or kitchens? Or maybe it means there are few, if any apartments? Curious, I looked it up. "Bedroom Community can also be called "Commuter Town." According to, these are communities that are outside of close-in city suburbs (think West Seattle, Bellevue and entire the Eastside) that have largely been absorbed by the cities, these bedroom communities are in suburbs that can actually be called exburbs generally with some retail businesses but no heavy industry or technology. That may put Sumner out of it. Oh well, we are definitely in suburbia.

Well our little neighborhood of 20 or so new homes is pleasant and I love living here. My own little slice of heaven. We have a neighbor who owns about 8 acres and they have a peacock we can hear yelling out "HELP" regularly. There are kids riding bikes everywhere, and we all know what vehicles are regulars. We all watch out for each other and most of us know each other by name. Truly this is a "Leave it to Beaver" place. The homes are nicely situation on small lots with just enough yard to let us all play gardener without too much effort. Mornings are great. I like to wander out into the front yard and enjoy the sun and the peaceful setting. I liked to that is until...

Rory the Rooster makes an entrance. Rory is only one of two roosters (though there may be more, they are young yet) that cock-a-doodle-do in about 30 second intervals throughout the day. It isn't just in the morning; it starts in the morning and goes all day. Kind of like morning sickness. It starts one morning and goes on for a couple of months.

It is unclear why our neighbors decided to raise chickens. Several of us doubt they are pets, though they do run loose in his yard for the most part. There is only one larger rooster remains captive in a strange looking cage. It will be interesting to watch (or listen) and see if the herd, gaggle, or whatever they call a poultry group, will dwindle.

What I find strange is that anyone, with homes in such tight proximity to each other as ours all are, would even consider raising chickens and roosters. Of late, every time I walk by their backyard, one vocal feathered fowl actually pops up onto the top of the fence and crows his territorial expletives at me each time I make my circle of the neighborhood. He could easily make the final leap to freedom. If his owners intend him for the cooker, he may be kicking himself later wishing he'd taken that opportunity.

A big why and as Fitz and Mary from 100.7 The Wolf would say "What! Are you kidding me?"

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