Funky Gadgets Update

Here are some interesting items I found that may help some of you with those last-minute birthday or other holiday gifts or for those who are simply hard to buy for.

Frolicat Bolt - Now you can play with your cat without even lifting a finger. Simply setup the Frolicat and walk away and watch your cat go wild.

Pre-chewed pencils - maybe people wouldn't chew on pencils if it already looked like someone else had gotten to them first! On the other hand, does anyone use pencils now days?

Turn air into water - this is a self-cleaning alternative source for fresh water. The ultimate green choice, or maybe not.

Drum Kit T-Shirt - (This one is for you, Daniel)- Are you always drumming on the desk, your knees, or any other surface at the ready? Try this shirt and share your percussive talents more loudly with all of your friends!!

Nothing - For the person who has everything.
step 1 - open the pack
step 2 - experience nothing

Warranty: This product is guaranteed to do absolutely nothing. If something happens, return for a full refund.

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