Great Friends

Amazingly enough, we've managed to talk some friends into meeting us in Italy for a portion of our trip. Bob and Patricia DeWitt are hooking up with us for the Tuscany/Umbria week and then on down to the Amalfi Coast and ending up in Rome for a day or two.

Through them, we were able to find out that another couple, Jerry and Sara Gamache, were also going to be traveling in Italy at the same time celebrating their 25 years of wedded bliss (same as we are). They'll join us for the week in Tuscany and then continue on with their itinerary.

The six of us have set up a monthly Italian dinner evening where we discuss our plans, try out our favorite Italian dishes, and generally work ourselves into a dither about our upcoming travels. We exchange our tidbits of info we've managed to gleen from travel blogs, Rick Steves' books or classes, maps, articles, and other such travel treasures. After our last one, I told James that we needed to keep meeting as a group even after our trip is completed. Maybe we can all plot next years trip (hint, hint)!

Anyway, only 30 days to go. What a great trip, with good friends, and fabulous food!

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