Italy in 04

Well, since I have the ability to post on this particular blog, I will.
I find it a rather splendid idea of taking a bit of a celebration in Europe together. I don't feel like it is a vacation- I don't think something that lasts quite as long as five and a half weeks could be. I think that the entire trip is much more than a vacation, and more of a mid-life-glad-to-still-be-with-you-ps-thx-for-not-divorcing-me kind of thing.
It is truly uncommon for such a long relationship these days, seeing as most of my friends do not have two parents that are blood related to them. Takes guts and real love, the messy kind, to get through the kinds of things you go through in 25 years.
So I tip my glass to you, my parents, because you have done what I hope for all my life- to love and be loved in return, while shining in God's eyes (No divorces).


Yes I will miss you. What kind of silly question is that? Heh, parents these days...

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