Trip of a Lifetime
Well, we only have 16 days to go as of today. My son's posting reminds me of how much we'll miss our family and friends while we're gone. Little Ali, now nearing 15 months old, will probably seem to have grown tons by the time we come back. Come to think of it, we'll probably have grown by the time we come back, with all that pasta and pizza, though we're planning on doing a LOT of walking.

This will be the first time James and I will have spent 24x7 in each other's company too. I'm not sure if I should be scared or excited. After 25 years of marriage, we have never had that luxury. In fact, of late, James has had to spend so many hours finishing up his last project house, that I rarely see him! It has gotten me really looking forward to the break. I get 5 weeks of his attention, and he, mine.

Now we're down to 16 days, and the panic is beginning to set in. I have a lot of things to do to finish preparations. I have to finish the arrangements for a house sitter (for only 1 week), make sure the bills will be paid while we're gone, notify banks, lose 20 pounds, check the will, hug my son, lose 20 pounds, hug the family, make lists, cross things off lists, lose 20 pounds, make another list (cuz I lost the first one), buy camera batteries, make a list for James, lose 20...You get the idea.



Sister Sunshine said...

Is that 20 pounds once... or should they all be added up?
; )

Kat said...

:) - the 20 pounds is just a one time thing! Though I suppose James could lose 20, then I could lose 20. That would work.