I found some good things regarding the weather during our stay in Italy. has an excellent site showing the high, low, and averages.

When we're in the Florence/Tuscany area, the average high temperature is 79 degrees and the average low is 57. Another site said the minimum average temperature of 57 was taken at sunrise (, and showed the average maximum at 82. This site took the averages from 1992 to 1996. I believe the other site spread the average over 30 years. Either way, we'll probably see warm weather.



Mom said...

I am wondering are you taking an umbrella. It does rain!

I know you will have a wonderful time. I am re-living my trip of a lifetime that I had with Kat and Linda to Italy 3 years ago. It does not seem like it was that long ago as the memories still linger on and on.

So will your time with your most loved one in Italy be a blessing that you can view in your mind and emotions and in the pictures. The memories are really precious and become one of the many special parts of your life.
Have fun and don't get too tired.

Kat said...

That trip with Mom was the one that had me coming back and telling James that we had to go! I talked him into making it our 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

Thanks Mom, for the wonderful memories!