I had to re-do this blog

I had to re-do this blog because I couldn't get the old one to post correctly. I managed to copy out the old posts (most of them) and copy them here, including Bob's "Y Am I Going to Italy" which is a hoot.

I hope others of you will post as well.

Stay tuned. James and I leave in one month. We'll be posting on this blog occasionally throughout the trip. We plan on getting a cell phone when we're there, and we'll be sure to post the phone number so those of you who need to get a hold of us urgently can do so.

Only 30 days to go as of today! Yahoo!

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Sister Sunshine said...

I wouldn't post your cell phone # on a public blog... you'll get calls from all sorts of wierdos!

Hope y'all have a safe and incredible trip. Maybe my dh and I could do something like that some day!
: )