Y I Am Going to Italy

This is a good question that I will make up an answer to on the spot though it will not be the real answer because I don't know the real answer. That will be determined far in the future as I look back from my perch on a high mountain-top, called Mt.Perspective. The not-real reason is that the Ochs asked us to go and since we had time to go and a slight inclination for adventure, plus someone very near and dear to me decided to lay enough money on us to pay for the whole trip, we said, "okay!" It seems like a good thing to do because there are no decent pizzarias here in Seattle and the gelato is inferior as well, not to mention a real paucity of medieval architecture and sun-wrinkled peasants wandering around.

It is our hope to get an audience with the Pope as I have a few questions for him I have been saving up for a long time, such as how long does it take him to iron that hat? Also, if he wears white, and we know good guys wear white, why do all his friends wear black? Anyway, if he is too busy we thought we would do something equally important like rent a motorcycle and slalom at 100 m.p.h. through the flocks of sheep, pigs, chickens, hay wagons, wild boars, and the above-mentioned wrinkled peasants that cover the hilly, winding Italian roads around every blind corner. My wife may not do this as she has some important shopping to do in the quaint Tuscan villages where you can get a great deal on imported Chinese items. Also she has a sharp eye for over-looked objects d'art that the locals may have missed like Da Vinci manuscripts stuck in the back of a pasta cookbook or a Michalangelo that is being used by an ignorant peasant as a butter churn. This alone would make the trip worthwhile.

So these are a few of the reasons we are going to Italy, not to mention it will be exciting to be where history has been made. Because by the time we are there the Prime Minister of Italy may have been replaced - three or four times!


tedeen said...

Y I am not going to Italy--at least at this time.
I don't have a real answer to this either, although I'm sure as I check in on this blog in the upcoming weeks, from the Small-Hill-Of-A-Month-Or-So I will develop some fairly weak sense of one; or at least a good excuse...Come to think of it I don't have a good excuse...makes me wistful just to think of it.

May you have fortuitous encounters, and may any low-carb compunctions stay stateside in the land of supersize...enjoy the pasta, the peasants and don't forget those Italian shoes!!

Kat said...

We'll have to rope you guys in on our next adventure!