Chantilly is NOT Lace!

OK, we have been here for two days and gotten lost 4 times. However, we still think we are doing well considering gravel roads, lack of signage, and the foreign language. We spent the main part of Sunday hoofing around Avignon and then meandering many scenic roads trying to find Les Baux.

When we finally did find Les Baux, we were pleasantly surprised. It sits high above the valley and is literally carved out of the rock. We happened on a parking lot just before we reached the town with signs to a cave; we had to investigate. After walking past massive blocks of stone there was a passage lit with blacklights. Inside was a wine cellar! After tasting some not-so-good wines, we made our way up to the town itself where we had to park outside and then walk in.

We are staying at Le Prince Noir, a very unique B&B. It is carved out of the rocks. We have a beautiful terrace that looks out over the town and the valley.

We could not resist the Crepes; deciding it would be our dessert, figuring we would have dinner later. This gave us the fortitude to manage bringing our car into town after all the tourists left and drop off our suitcases. We drove up 6 foot, scratch that, 5 foot wide cobblestone streets, pedestrians had to scramble to get out of the way in order to escape our inexperience on these roads.

Dinner was pesto pasta and an assortment of fromage since we knew what those items were. We figure we know about 40 French words now: Chantilly (whipping cream), jambon (ham), fromage (cheese), sortie (exit) - we took a few wrong turns to figure out that one, rouge (red), vin (wine) :), le addition (check please), crepes (crepes), poulet (chicken), limonade (sprite), and a few more.

We finished off our six mile walking day by sitting on the terrace, taking sunset photos (Kat got an earful about Daniel). It was very romantic with the warm air coming up the rocky mountainside. In fact Mandy mentioned that she wished she could have shared some of the
fresh pesto pasta with Daniel since he loves it so.

Today we are visiting Nimes and hopefully Pont du Gard.

We will tell you all about it tomorrow.

P.S. We found a huge scrape on the driver side door of our car in Avignon. Good thing we purchased the extra insurance!

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