5/29 Upper 70's, windy but warm

It was an easy drive to Nimes, but difficult finding where to park once we got into the city. We circled the city three times and probably through it twice via half concealed alleyways (I'm sure some of them were one way - not our way) but we finally found a spot to park.

We enjoyed seeing the many churches and historic buildings. Nimes has a great Roman arena dating from about 150 AD; the best preserved of it's kind and still in use today (we think they were preparing for a bull fight). There were a few other Roman sites, one called Maison Carrèe, a Roman temple.

Kat lost her voice, but is feeling well enough to pursue touristy things. We ate dinner back in Les Baux: Mandy had pizza and Kat had dessert.

New French words for the day: Ouverte = open, anchovè = anchovies, thon = tuna, bierre = beer, chivros = spicy salamie or pepperoni;

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