Trippin' Again

In two weeks my daughter, Mandy, and I head off for Europe! We're very excited about the prospect of connecting as adults and enjoying history, beautiful scenery, and beaches.

True to form, my husband's countdown to our "D" (departure) day is again flawed but fun. See, you don't count the current day and you don't count the day you leave either. Of course, Sundays are a day of rest, so you can't count those; so I believe he has us down to about 11 days until we leave. We really leave in 15 days.

Mandy and I are going to fly to London then take the Eurostar through the Chunnel and on into Paris. From Paris we'll quickly hop onto a high-speed train down to the Southern portion of France. We'll spend about 5 days in the Provence region where we'll visit Arles, Avignon, Cassis, Orange, and more. After those towns we'll head off for the Riviera! We have several stops along the famous beaches there in towns close to Nice, Monaco, and St. Tropez. The last four nights of our trip will be in Venice, one of my most favorite places to visit so far. I know Mandy will love it there.

We'll try to post as we go so you can all see what we're up to. Depending on our access to the internet and other technological goodies, we may even be able to post a photo or two. Please feel free to comment too.

We leave on Friday evening on May 26th and return on Sunday June 11th. Yipee!!!

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