We Are Here!!!!

Today is Sunday and we really had to look hard to find an internet cafe that was open. We are in Avingnon and most of the shops are closed, but the restaurants are really kickin. We were treated to a marching band of what looked like high school students. (yes Daniel, we did take photos).

We visited the Papal Palace here that dates back to the 900 to 1300 AD, the town goes back to 900 BC! We saw some incredible views, walls, towers and statues. Hopefully we will be able to post pictures in a day or so.

Today we are sweating like jambones (ham in French) as it is 90 degrees out. We would elaborate more, however these keyboards have the letters in all the zrong places; and it ,qkes it reqlly hqrd to type: Ze donùt have the pqtience to sit here qnd figure it out enough to keep on zith our story:

M,ore to,orroz:
(More tomorrow)

Nqndy qnd Kqt: lol

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