Dé Cliffts of Insànitiè


We thought yesterday was windy, but we were mistaken; today was windy, VERY WINDY! It would have been warm, except for the wind. We had our last breakfast in Les Baux, it was a tasty way to end our visit in this tiny town.

We drove to Marsailles, which was not covered by our map, but we made it o.k. Once there we toured around the waterfront area doing some shopping. Almost all of the city is under construction right now which made it tough to get out of the city, not to mention that it was rush hour. When we finally made it out and started over the hills towards Cassis, it was almost one and one quarter hours later. But boy was it worth it when we started down the other side and saw the red cliffs and the Mediteranean that makes up Cassis. It was spectacular and worth the effort.

We checked into our four star hotel where one whole wall of our room is a sliding glass door that opens to a terrace overlooking the rugged shoreline (Mandy says I shouldn't say "rugged" but should use "cliffed" or "boulderly" cuz she thinks rugged is reserved for scruffy men on Black Angus steak commercials). We love our room.

The pool is right on the edge of a small cliff with lounge chairs strategically placed around it, all overlooking the sea. The pool actually looks like it flows over the edge and into the sea.

Then we took a 10 minute walk into town and selected a restaurant from dozens all lined up waiting to be chosen. We had a 4 cheese penne pasta dish and salad. All-in-all, a good night.

P.S. New words for the day: saumon = salmon, amandes = almonds, taille = size, heures = hours

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