Lost Soles Internationalè

I am perplexed to learn that an issue I found puzzling in our area has even reached France. While on our way to Nimes, we saw two lost soles; alone and forlorn looking on the side of the road. We almost stopped to attemt a rescue, but it would have caused an accident, so we kept on, though their plight never left our minds. Feeling guilty, we kept ourselves alert on our return trip hoping to see another in need of rescue - nothing. We vowed to watch, alert and ready for the remainder of our time here (though we suspect Venice will not have the issue).

After much thought and conversation, we had an idea to start a non-profit organization called "Lost Soles, Internationalè" or something similar. Clearly we have a global issue here: shoes left alone & stranded on the side of the road.

Those of you who wish to donate may do so by contacting us and making your generous donations to us at any time. Your support is graciously appreciated.

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